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It is clear that this damn tax on financial transactions represents the incompetence of our political authorities.In fact, it will not solve the real problems of the financial system. Forex and binary options in unscrupulous brokers are not penalized. Same is for trading at the speed of light.We stop there for controversy and return to our sheep. To reassure you, there are solutions to avoid the tax on financial transactions.

Avoid the tax on financial transactions with small caps

At the national level, to go on the small caps of the index USA having a capitalization not exceeding the billion euros allow to escape the tax on the financial transactions this rule. This can be a trap because they are generally ill-liquid in terms of volume. Investing in this sub-fund requires real hard work for those seeking a long-term investment horizon. When it’s all about finance then be sure that you will be able to have the best support now.

Invest in foreign stocks

This is the most obvious solution to avoid the tax on financial transactions, but you have to ask the right questions by not looking for ease. If you favor shares outside the euro zone, you will have the problem of the exchange rate which is dependent on the monetary policies of the central banks. In the short term, this can reduce some of your capital gains.

In case you own shares of companies outside the euro zone for the long term, keep in mind that the exchange rate is part of the rules of the game of globalization. Frankly, it’s hard to protect yourself.

Equity funds

At first glance, it is not stupid for this investment medium to avoid the tax on financial transactions. This will please the management companies. Even if you benefit from their professional skills, I do not recommend it if you are satisfied with French actions. On the other hand, you will not have the exact composition of their funds and the question of transparency may arise. Finally, it is impossible to know in real time their net asset value considered as the price barometer of the fund.

Invest in ETFs

An ETF called a “tracker” is an asset class belonging to the family of UCITS (Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities) that track the performance of an underlying asset as a stock market index. Its main advantage is that you invest on all the values ​​of a stock index in a single product. What a miracle.To top it off, their management fees are more competitive than those of equity funds. Another good reason to get around the financial tax.

However, there is a hidden face on ETFs that bothers me in terms of consideration; this article from the blog Captain Economics will better enlighten you. The strength of the liquidity that the consensus praises us daily is likely to bite the dust even if they are regulated.

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